10 Fast Foods That Celebrity Chefs Actually LOVE
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10 Fast Foods That Celebrity Chefs Actually LOVE


10 Fast Foods That Celebrity Chefs Actually LOVE

Date: 2019-07-27 18:45:00

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Here’s a list of 10 Fast Foods That Celebrity Chefs Actually LOVE. Celebrity Chefs tend to have strong opinions, these are 10 fast foods that celebrity chefs love to eat.
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Being a chef means you have an indelible taste for what gourmet food is all about. You spend hours in the kitchen toiling and creating recipes to blow people away. And that is the exact opposite of everything that fast food stands for. So it might come as a surprise when you know that chefs, including celebrity ones, actually frequent fast food chains. So let’s uncover 10 fast foods that celebrity chefs actually love.

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0:29 Gordon Ramsay
2:01 Justin Warner
3:25 Guy Fieri
4:54 Kent Rathbun
6:26 Tyson Cole
7:43 Chris Shea
9:01 David Posey
10:20 Martha Stewart
11:38 Anthony Bourdain
13:05 Julia Child

– Chefs really seem to love In-N-Out, this is a trend you’ll notice in this video, but let’s get started with the most infamous chef of them all, Gordon Ramsay. A quote from the master chef himself declares his unbiased love for all things In-N-Out.
– Justin Warner is no ordinary celebrity chef. He’s also an author. He wrote The Laws of Cooking: And How to Break Them which gives us a glimpse of the man’s psyche. He also appeared on Food Network Star and won it.
– Fieri is a famous name and face across many TV networks. He’s a restauranteur, author, and show host. He also won an Emmy. He’s practically become the face of the Food Network. This guy exudes charm and charisma and his presence in any show makes it fun to watch.
– Kent Rathbun is a famous name all over Texas. Not just because he’s a celebrity chef but also because he owns several restaurants there. He owns the upscale restaurant Abacus which was voted as the most popular dining outlet in Dallas in 2007.
– Another Texan who comes from modest backgrounds and went on to capture the heart of the nation. Tyson Cole’s first experience in the kitchen was in front of the sink, washing dishes. From such humble beginnings, Cole rose to fame and success with sheer talent and will.
– Chris Shea is another chef who clawed his way to the heights of the culinary world from humble beginnings. At the age of 12, he was delivering food for Frank’s Market in Washington Heights.
– Like many other chefs on this list, Posey started his love affair with the kitchen at a very young age. But Posey started at his mom’s kitchen when he was 10. Rather than tell him to leave her alone and go play outside, David’s mom encouraged him.
– Martha Stewart is too famous to be introduced. But we’ll do our best here. She’s had a long and illustrious life and she’s going strong. Her life was not devoid of controversy though.
– A lot has been written about Anthony Bourdain. The man was a giant among chefs and TV hosts. He was a successful author who did not just write about cooking, but authored novels that took place in and around the kitchen. He was best known for his candid opinions when trying out different foods.
– Julia Child was no stranger to controversy herself. Maybe not on the same level as Martha Stewart, but Child was outspoken and didn’t mince her words. When she liked something, she was unapologetic. She also single-handedly introduced French cuisine to the masses and brought it into the mainstream.

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